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A New Biblical Understanding.

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Welcome to a very unusual web site, where we try to show why the world has "lost the plot" as far as understanding the truth about the nature of God and His reason for creating humankind.

To get back to the original truth, we need a new way of reading the Bible.

The old way - "believing that every word is truth" - has not worked, and for a very good reason.  Every word in our English Bibles is not truth.

Satan, in his attempt to "deceive the whole world" has inspired men to mix in  errors with the original truth.  Unfortunately for mankind, Satan's  method has worked, and the majority of people are deceived about the true nature of God, and His Christ, and His master plan.  

If you want to know:-

* Why God is about to destroy man's civilizations, as He did with Noah's flood.

    [Because mankind has not obeyed God's instructions]

* How Satan has deceived the whole world.

    [By getting men to say that "every word of the Bible is true" - when it is not].

* How to calculate God's Biblical calendar.

    [By using the "lights of the sky" to set the "seasons"].

* Or what you can do to come to understand the Master Plan God has for His     creation (including you).

    [God is creating a spiritual family - but only out of those who will accept the "conditions"].

Then this site is for you.

This web site is about showing people what a big difference it makes when we read the Bible with the new understanding, that each verse of our English Bibles may - or may not - be truth.  In other words, we need a way of extracting the truth and rejecting the errors.

The 66 books that make up the Bible, have been written by men. Some of the Bible records the words spoken by God, as well as the words of the prophets inspired by God. However, there are words in the Bible that have not been inspired by God - especially the copy errors, translation errors, interpretation errors and inserted lies. 

Remember, both Testaments in our English Bibles, are translations from another language - the OT one, the NT two. As I have read, all of the New Testament was first written in Aramaic (the language Christ and the disciples spoke) and then was translated into Greek by a "local" when an Aramaic letter or Gospel arrived at their church or group.

I believe this is the source of so many Greek New Testaments (around 3000) that are all different - there were no "panel of language experts" involved in the initial translations.

Many of the Greek translators did not fully understand the Aramaic idioms, so some key points in the original was lost. Then the Greek was later translated to English, with more loss of purity. Unfortunately it appears that  the original Aramaic has not been preserved all that well, though what remains can stil be useful.

To say that God somehow "inspired" 3000 different Greek versions of the NT, is just ridiculous, as is saying that all of our English NT (pulled from many of these 3000 different sources) is also "inspired".

Nowhere are we commanded by God to live by "every word of the Bible". In fact, to call the whole Bible "The word of God" is a lie, and - as I see it - a form of blasphemy. Men have "twisted"  the translation of 2 Tim 3:16 (the word "is", has been inserted by translators) to indicate that every verse in the Bible has been personally inspired by God (which is not true) so that they can claim God's backing to their mistakes, lies, and personal preferences.

In summary (and making a long story short), to understand what is truth and what is error, we need to apply these two major rules, along with other minor rules, as we read the Bible.

The First Rule. [more details]

The most important part of the Bible - and with the highest authority - are the words spoken by God (Ex 15:26, Deut 8:3, Mat 4:4). These are the words we are to live by. God said to listen (Jer 26:4,5) to the words of His prophets,  so they come next in authority (Jesus was also a prophet - Deut 18:18, Mat 13:57), followed by the Apostles (sent out by Christ as a witness), and then the words of wise men, followed by men just recording  "facts" as they saw them. The words of a lesser authority should never be used to override the words of a higher authority. The First Commandment requires us to put God - and what He says - first.

The Second Rule. [more details].

We should look for themes running throughout the Bible, rather than looking at specific verses in isolation. Copies were originally made by hand, so a copy error in one place did not affect the other places the topic is mentioned. We need to find out all the Bible has to say on any given topic - and be willing to overlook the exceptions - before coming to a conclusion about any doctrine.

One of the minor rules to also apply is understanding what is fact and what is a figure of speech (see Appendix 6, Companion Bible), and it helps to understand the meaning of names.

If we are willing to apply these two main rules (and the other minor ones), then the plan of God and the
reason we are born - to be part of that plan - becomes crystal clear.

At this stage, the articles on this site are written with no particular audience in mind. To put it another way, this site is a "holding bin" for me to record thoughts and understandings as they come to hand, so in one sense I am writing to myself (but you are welcome to look over my shoulder). I very much appreciate God's help in expanding my understanding of Him and His master plan. I hope that, in time, by changing your way of reading the Bible, you will be able to say the same thing.

If this is your first time at this site, then may I suggest you start with the "Introduction".

If you want an overview of how the "errors" of our English Bibles have been used by men to hijack the Christian faith, then go to "How Men Have Come Between 'Christians' and Their God".

If you have had any contact with any of the Churches of God, I encourage you to read my latest  Open Letter.  I think it is a good summary of what has gone wrong in the past, and what needs to be done to restore our relationship with God.

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Why correctly understanding the Bible is important.

There are strong parallels between the world of today and the world that existed in Noah's day. Christ said that this would be the case.

[Across the site, emphasis in Bible quotes is mine.]

Mat 24:37 NIV  As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

The world of Noah's day was so evil (Gen 6:5), that God destroyed it all with a worldwide flood. Down through history, every society or nation that has rejected God and His laws, has in turn been rejected and destroyed by God. A few examples:- Israel, Babylon, Tyre, Moab, Egypt, Roman Empire, Assyrian Empire, Sodom and  Gomorrah, and so on.

So it stands to reason that God will also destroy our world, because we too are rejecting God and His Commandments. Prophecy in the Bible confirms that this is exactly what is going to happen. It won't be with a flood this time, but the destruction of our corrupt systems, will happen. The article "The Greatest Threat to Civilization Today" outlines some of the ways God has said he will use to bring the nations to their knees.

As I understand it, no individual can stop it from happening, but if you correctly understand the Bible you can know why God is going to do it, and the prophecies that spell out the sequence of events.  

While God gives no guarantees, surely working with God, rather than against God, must give us a better chance of survival. There is a hint of this in the following two Scriptures,

Rev 3:10 NET.  Because you have kept my admonition to endure steadfastly, I will also keep you from the hour of testing that is about to come on the whole world to test those who live on the earth.

Zep 2:3 NET  Seek the LORD's favor, all you humble people of the land who have obeyed his commands! [Obeyed His spoken word - not man's written words]  Strive to do what is right! Strive to be humble! Maybe you will be protected on the day of the LORD's angry judgment.

Bob Orchard (site started April 2008)

While the information on this site is made freely available (Mat 10:8b), and can be copied, it is done with the understanding that there will only be fair and honest use of the material, and that it will be copied in full with no alterations.