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[ If you have arrived here after a search, this site is mainly religious in nature. It describes
 a new way of reading the Bible, and how it reveals that there is just one God.  If you only want to look at the practical articles, you will find them in the Practical - "Main Index" above.]

The articles below are listed in a suggested order for reading them.

 1.    Introduction.

 2.    Why Study the Bible?

 3.    How to Study the Bible.

 4.   The Nature of God and His Son.  

 5.   The Ten Commandments.

 6.    The Sabbath.

 7.    Works or Faith?

 8.    The Christian's Life.

 9.    The Biblical Calendar.

        a)    The Theory Behind the Calendar.         

        b)    Calendar without Charts.
        c)    Calendar and Holy Day Articles.

        d)    Brief outline of Calculations.              

10.    Further Study Aids.       

11.    Contact Information.    

12.    Miscellaneous Index.      A mixture of practical and religious articles, plus Themes.       
13.    What is New?

14.    Summary.