[This Miscellaneous Menu is part of the New Biblical Understanding Web site, where we try to show that giving God's spoken words priority and reading the Bible for Themes gives us a better chance of finding truth, than falsely assuming that all verses carry the same weight.]


This section contains various items on a range of topics.

First religious items (in alphabetical order), then "Themes", followed by the practical stuff.

Religious Items.

Are Answered Prayers Proof of Righteousness?



Christianity Hijacked.

Climate Change.

Fig Tree - Fruit AND Leaves (Mark 11:13)

Fruit of the Vine.

God to Earth?

Greatest Threat to Civilization.

Growing Up.

One or Two Gods?

Is Australia asking to be cursed?

History of KJV.

Luke: Gospel or Gossip?

Not Immortal.

Passover or Last Supper?

Resisting Temptations.

Same Sex Marriage.


Surviving the Tribulation.

The "god" of Mammon.

The Great Deception.

The Lord's Prayer.

The New Jerusalem.

The Role of Men and Women in the Bible.

The Wave Sheaf Offering.

Was God a father to Jesus?

Which Church?


These are lists of Scriptures that highlight a particular topic.

Understanding topics that are mentioned dozens of times, gives us a better foundation to understand points that are only mentioned a few times.  Men can accidentally, or if they have the mind to, change a few words of a verse as they copy it by hand.  It is much harder to change every place - spanning many books of the Bible - where a specific topic is mentioned.  We can exploit this  factor  to reconstruct many Biblical truths that have been lost over the centuries.

1.    One God.

2.    We Should Keep the Commandments

3.    The Kingdom of God.

4.    God Will Restore Israel.

5.    God can be our Enemy.

6.    God Will Punish.

7.    Our Reward.

8.    The Holy Days.

9.    Watch Out for False Teachers.

10.    How to compile themes.

Practical Items Index.

Practical Items.

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