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Long ago, God foresaw the problems that would bring an end to civilization as we know it (prior to His coming down to earth with Christ).

He has also given us many prophecies as to how this will come about.

To me - the reason why the systems of the world have to be crushed - is because all the religions of the world have failed to fully teach the truth. The truth defines what is right and what is wrong in God's sight. Without knowledge of the truth, men have become disobedient, and the businesses of the world have turned to the god of Mammon - and "anything" is OK , as long as it makes money.

What is truth?

Christ said that it was the words spoken by God (John 17:17).

These are the words we are to live by (Deut 8:3, Mat 4:4).

Instead of looking into the Bible to find the words spoken by God -- religious authorities have taken some of the verses that report the words of men,  to overrule the instructions given by God.  There are no instructions from God to live by "every word in the Bible".  The Bible is not "the word of God" - it is a book of history, with some words from God scattered throughout the books.

The start of the problem.

We do not have any original autographs of the books included in the Bible. So - the books that we do have, have been copied many times, and have had to be translated into different languages a number of times - and thus -  along the way have been contaminated with errors.

As I see it, the NT is in the worst condition. It was originally written in the language spoken by Christ and the apostles - Aramaic. When an Aramaic letter turned up in a congregation with Greek members, a local would make a translation for them. When the Aramaic letter was passed on, the same thing happened at the next congregation. We have ended up with over 3,000 Greek NT's - but they are all different.

Not having a clear starting point (which of the 3000 Greek texts do they use?) has allowed men to "adjust" the English translations by adding what they "think" should be in the Bible.

God's will.

Christ said in Mat 7:21-23 that only people doing God's will are to be considered as suitable for the Kingdom of God. Religious works don't count, if God's will is not being done. And I feel that it is not doing God's will to teach people to do things that go against God's instructions.

The test.

God - by allowing Satan to inspire men to write lies into the Bible - has created a test. A very similar test to the one Jesus had to pass (Mat 4), where Satan threw a mixture of truth and error at Jesus.

If we allow some of the lies and corrupt verses in the Bible to overrule God's instructions, then we have failed the test (we have not put God's will first).

If we only use the verses to formulate doctrine, where God is giving instructions - either directly, or via the prophets - and reject all other verses that contradict God, then we have passed the test. We have put the words spoken by God on a higher level than the words spoken/written by men.

The results.

Every religious organization that I know of, uses some of the verses that are in error (disagrees with God's words) as part of their doctrine.

For example, God says (Ex 20:8) to keep the Friday sunset to Saturday sunset Sabbath (as Christ did) - but men teach other men to keep midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday as the "religious day".

God gives the Holy days that He wants men to observe in Lev 23, but men keep Christmas and Easter instead.

God says to put out leaven at a specific time to remind the people of the day (Deut 16:3) they came out of Egypt. Men say to put out leaven weeks in advance to remind the people of sin.  The "day" should remind us of God's power, "sin" reminds us of man's weakness.

God says that there was and is only one God, and that He alone created all things - and therefore, Jesus was not around before he was born.  Men insist on two Gods or a three in one God, and that Jesus was a "God" before his birth.

God says that men are mortal, and when we die, we sleep in the grave till our resurrection. Man says that we are already immortal, and when we die, we go to heaven.

The list of errors in doctrine goes on and on.

No one is listening.

Only a handful of people on earth today (that I know of) are interested in doing God's will, and use the Bible the way we are told to (give priority to God's spoken words). God knew it would be this way, and Christ covered the current situation in Rev 3:17 NET  Because you say, “I am rich and have acquired great wealth, and need nothing,” but do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked,. People are so satisfied with what they have, that they will not look for what they need.
Hopefully, after the people in the churches of the world go through the great tribulation, they will be in a better frame of mind to listen to what God has to say.

A positive note.

While the destruction of the earth's corrupt systems and partly right and partly wrong religions will cause a lot of pain for all of mankind, it will make way for God and Christ (Mark 14:62 "power"= God) to come down to earth, and start setting up the kingdom of God. The time of "free choice" will be over, and all people will be taught - and required to live by - the truth - the instructions given by God. Then, because of man's obedience, the earth will be blessed.

Bob Orchard Jan 2018

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